Traditional pickled herring from Ruth’s Smokehouse on the Danish island of Christiansø  
Three types of herring: Spices, tomato, curry with egg salad, capers and onion DKK 115
Starburst (cold)  
DKK 95
Extra mature cheese  
Raw onion, jelly, rum, lard and homemade sourdough bread DKK 70
’Hygge’ dish  
’Hygge’ is the Danish word for coziness and comfort: 3 kinds of charcuterie and 2 kinds of cheeses – with homemade garnish and homemade bread DKK 115
Mixed salad of the day Chef’s choice of crispy lettuce and vegetables (ask the staff) DKK 85 
Vegetarian salad Crispy lettuce, vegetables, feta and olives (ask the staff) DKK 85 
Soup of the day with homemade bread (ask the staff) DKK 70 
Warm pasta of the day  (ask the staff) DKK 90 
Creamy risotto made from pearl barley  
with parma ham, parmesan and bread DKK 90
Momu Dog  
200 grams of grilled beef sausage, sundried tomato custard, sauce ravigote 
with homemade bread, lettuce, crispy root vegetables and fresh herbs DKK 95
Kids’ menu  
Fish cake with grated carrots, potato rösti and remoulade  DKK 65
Chicken leg with grated carrots, mild barbecue sauce and potato rösti  DKK 65


We always have a great selection of cold dishes in our refrigerated display case. Have a look or ask our staff