New exhibition about cultural encounters.

Throughout history, cultural encounters have formed the basis of the way we understand ourselves and each other as human beings as well as how we perceive our shared world. Encountering others, we understand who we are, and we learn to think and organize the world in new ways.

‘Dailogues’ invites visitors to embark on a journey to the frozen Siberian tundra, up the Amazon River, and deep into the burning deserts of Australia.

This is where anthropologist, photographer and filmmaker Christian Vium have visited the descendants of people, who, in the past, were also visited by scientists, photographers and explorers from the western world. Since 2014 - as part of his research – Christian Vium has brought the photographic material, which he has uncovered in the archives, with him to the descendants of the people who are portrayed in the original photographs

In collaboration with these descendants, Christian Vium has questioned the significance of the old photographs, as well as the cultural encounters that preceded the photographs, and the consequences that were the result of the encounters – then as well as now. Based on conversations with the people he met on his journeys, Christian Vium has taken new photograph that tell new stories.

The result is an exhibition in the borderland between anthropology and art – an exhibition which urges reflection and contemplation.

The exhibition can be seen at Moesgaard Museum from February 3 until May 27, 2018.


Exhibition photos from the Amazon, Brazil
Técunas sur la rivière Caldeirao, confluent de l’Amazonas, avec tout la famille. Translation: Interior (left river bank) from the living quarters of wild Tecuna indians by the river Caldeirao, which merges with the Amazon River.
Albert Frisch (1867) Fotosammlung des Völkerkundemuseums. Museum für Völkerkunde, Wien, Østrig

150 years later. Gentilo and his family.
Christian Vium (2015)      
Umariaçú, Alto Solimões. Amazonas, Brasilien.