The Journey - new special exhibition

A cinematic and sensuous exhibition without artifacts.

Moesgaard Museum’s big special exhibition in 2017 will be a spatial, sensuous and visual experience.

The exhibition, The Journey, is a cinematic production about basic human conditions.

The Journey is about seven human conditions - birth, death, love, faith, fear, loss and rationality. It was filmed on seven continents and shooting took almost a year.

The Journey will lead visitors into a physical landscape in which a visual narrative filmed tells the story of the human journey extended between the two extremes: birth and death. From a baby's first breath in Denmark, we are led on to love in Africa, faith in South America, fear in Oceania, loss in North America and rationality at the South Pole to see the last breath taken in Asia, before the body is cremated.

Focus on what share

With the exhibition, Moesgaard Museum aims to bring into focus that which all humans have in common and the conditions everyone is subject to in a time where a lot of people are preoccupied with differences and the unfamiliar.

”Moesgaard Museum is a cultural history museum, and we work in the fields of Archaeology and Ethnography. Virtually all the artifacts and societies we are dealing with are associated with some of the fundamentals of being human: basic conditions that are common to all people throughout antiquity and up to the present day, and that are found everywhere on earth at all times”, says Jan Skamby Madsen from Moesgaard Museum

He and the museum’s design team have collaborated with Head of Filmby Aarhus, Carsten Holst, former bishop of Aarhus, Kjeld Holm, and film director Christoffer Boe to define the concept and themes of the exhibition. The cinematic production is written and directed by film director, Christoffer Boe, and produced by Zentropa Films. Design and construction of the exhibition is conducted by the museum’s own exhibition design team.

The special exhibition is presented in collaboration with the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017 and Filmby Aarhus. It is supported by European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017 and is part of the programme for the event. In addition, Grocer Herman Salling’s Foundation, Filmby Aarhus and the Kroager Foundation have donated funds to the exhibition.