The everyday life of a gladiator

Experience narrative art and bronze helmets

The special exhibition ’Gladiator – Heroes of the Colosseum’ opens at Moesgaard Museum on April 22, 2016. The exhibition brings visitors close to the everyday lives of ancient Roman gladiators.

Narrative art on marble friezes will bring to life the stories of the slave, the training of the gladiator and the fight for freedom. Stone carvings and sculptures of renowned senators, famous gladiators in combat, and epitaphs on tombstones for fallen gladiators will make the past appear remarkably present.

From Pompeii, Moesgaard Museum has been able to borrow five extraordinarily well preserved and elaborately decorated bronze helmets, which have been produced for fights of various nature. They are in the same condition as they were on the day in the year 79 AD when the volcano Vesuvius erupted and buried the city and its citizens in ashes.