New special exhibition about gladiators

’Gladiator – Heroes of the Colosseum’ opens on April 22.

In 2016, Moesgaard Museum's special exhibition of international caliber, ’Gladiator – Heroes of the Colosseum’, presents stories from the lives of the gladiators and is a journey into the arenas of the Colosseum and Pompeii.

The exhibition displays more than 200 items from key museums and institutions in Italy e.g. Colosseum, Naples, Bologna and Pompeii.

The items along with set design, sound, lighting and visual effects will depict the life of a gladiator from the fate of a fallen mercenary to that of a slave and gladiator. Many of the 200 items displayed in the exhibition at Moesgaard have not previously been displayed outside of Italy.

Experience a packed Colosseum

In the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to enter the Colosseum. Set design, models of various gladiators, fighting warriors on film and the sound of elated spectators combined with original elements of architecture will convey the ambience of a packed Colosseum

The awning above the spectator area, the so-called Velarium, and the elevator from the corridors below the Colosseum, with which wild animals are brought to the fights, are just a few of the physical elements that allow the exhibition area to resemble the real Colosseum.

Once a year, Moesgaard Museum will present its visitors to the world’s finest cultural heritage in a special exhibition of international caliber. In 2015, the museum successfully presented the special exhibition ‘The First Emperor – China’s Terracotta Army’ about Emperor Qin, the first emperor of China and his mythical army of terracotta warriors. 340,000 guests experienced the exceptional treasures from Chinese cultural history during the six-month display period.

The special exhibition of 2016, ‘Gladiator – Heroes of Colosseum’, can be seen at Moesgaard Museum from April 22 until September 11, 2016.