Momu goes Viking

2017 is all about the Vikings at Moesgaard Museum. Aarhus is European Capital of Culture, and hence, Moesgaard Museum offers a variety of Viking experiences. Below, you will find an outline of our activities

All year – The Viking exhibition

All year round, guests can visit our Viking exhibition to learn more about Aarhus when it was still called Aros. Learn about specific Vikings and follow their paths.


May and June – Red Serpent, Outdoor Theater

From May 24 until Juli 1, The Royal Danish Theatre performs the epic Viking saga ‘Red Serpent’ as a large scale outdoor theatre performance at Moesgaard Museum. Red Serpent is one of four MEGA events of European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017.

A grandstand, which seats 3,500 guests per night, is built for the audience at the end of the museum’s roof. Performances are enacted on the roof as well as on a stage below. More information


May and June – Orm’s Journey and the Viking farm

From May 27 until June 21, families with children and teens can experience the life of the Vikings at a Viking Earl’s farm outside the museum and on a narrative journey in the nature surrounding the museum called ‘Orm’s Journey.

To participate in the narrative journey, which takes place on the weekends, please purchase tickets in advance. 'Orm's Journey' will be in Danish, but as a lot of the narrative is non-verbal, it can be experienced by non-Danish speakers as well.

To the north of the museum, we will build a Viking farm where visitors may participate in gathering and preparing food with the Vikings. Visiting the farm requires no advanced booking.


July – The Viking Moot, 40th anniversary

Experience genuine Viking living with crafts, fights and trading, when Moesgaard Museums annual Viking Moot opens to the audience on the final weekend of July – July 28, 29 and 30. This year marks the moot’s 40th anniversary, so be prepare for a party Viking style!