Friday anniversary programme

Moesgaard Viking Moot celebrates 40 years

This year we have created an exciting program which throughout the afternoon and evening offers a variety of music, theater, games, storytelling, demonstrations and fun for Vikings and guests. Come and get a behind the scene experience of the moot and participate in the spectacular opening ceremony of the 40th Viking Moot.



4 PM

  • The Moot is open
  • Arrival of the Viking ships
  • The warriors finish their training in the forest, come and get a closer look at their weapon

4.30 PM

  • The horse of the gods: on the battlefield the riders will show the versatility, power and beauty of the Icelandic horse in a special and magnificent show  

5 PM

  • Skjaldeungerne: the historical theater group perform and entertain with great stories for both young and old ones outside the Inn
  • Lekegoden: Enjoy and participate in Viking games arranged by the historical theater group Lekegoden from Norway by the grave mound in the center of the market

5:30 PM

  • Cut test: see the warriors Christoffer Cold-Ravnkilde and Christian Bech from the Viking group Ulfhednir demonstrate sharp Viking weapons on dead pigs on the battlefield. Learn about the injuries and the use of Viking age weapons
  • Music: take a stroll around the marketplace and enjoy authentic Viking music performed in the center of the field

6:30 PM

  • HEMA demonstration: watch HEMA masters Mikkel Mønsted and Roland Warzecha perform and explain their techniques. HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts and is a fighting system based on medieval manuscripts describing the art of fighting with e.g. sword and shield. Mikkel and Roland will demonstrate the use of Viking age weapons when fighting with the entire body as target zone
  • Beer on the beach: learn about the making of beer with the remedies available in the Viking age
  • Mead tasting: participate in the mead tasting in the beach bar. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the exiting selection of mead available at the moot!
  • Viking games finale: come and join Lekegoden in the final Viking games in the center of the marketplace

8:15 PM

  • 40th anniversary speech for Vikings and guests at the battlefield

9 PM

  • Musical performances on the beach followed by a spectacular ceremony to end the evening

10 PM

  • The market closes, thank you and good night!