The beach camp opens Monday, after which the construction of the camp begins and continues until Friday.

You enter the camp through the gate by the road and proceed through the woods. 
When you arrive, it is important that you contact your representative before you begin setting up your tent. Warriors and horsemen have their own representative. Traders, craftsmen and others must contact the moot organizer. There will be a tent by the entrance to the field. This tent functions as head office for the representatives during the week. The daily opening hours will be announced on the message board at the Inn.

Driving and parking
Loading and unloading is allowed, but parking on the field is not permitted at all! This applies to the roads in the forests as well, or anywhere else your car might fit. Regardless of when you arrive, the procedure is to unload; remove the car to the parking area by Skovmøllen, then put your tent up.
It might be annoying to walk back and forth to the parking area, but parked cars in the forest and on emergency roads may result in the police shutting down the Moot. We also try to recreate an authentic Viking camp, which is easily destroyed by parked cars all over the field.

The Beach
We have been granted permission to use the public road, so you can drive all the way to the bridge and unload (there will be pushcarts). However, the gate is only open at certain times. If you wish to drive your car down to the beach, please contact the head of the moot.
There is firewood and extra toilets at the beach camps. Map

Going home
The camp opens again for cars at 6 PM Sunday. This means that you can begin to pack your tent at 6 PM, then get your car and load it.