Rules for sale

Rules for traders and craftsmen

  1. These rules are laid down by the Viking Moot’s Steering Group. Instructions from the event leader or an employee of Moesgaard Museum authorised by him/her must be followed. Any questions concerning a participant’s goods, marketing methods etc, or those of another participant, should be directed to the event leader who alone, or in consultation with the Steering Group, is competent to make decisions on these matters.

  2. Traders and craftsmen must – like other participants in the Viking Moot – be in possession of Viking tents, Viking costumes and Viking household utensils.

  3. The goods on sale must correspond to items that would be found at a Nordic Viking market in the period from c. AD 800 to c. AD 1050. Fantasy jewellery, wooden dragons, sculptures etc. are not permitted. Leather, bones, teeth from animal that did not exist in the Viking Age, e.g. raccoon and pink rabbit furs, are not allowed. The product range will be inspected by the moot committee during the week and their requests must be followed.

  4. Furs of endangered animals are forbidden and will result in immediate dismissal. Some furs dictate a CITES certificate.
  5. Working craftsmen must work exclusively using Viking Age methods and with copies of Viking Age tools, or tools that are adapted to the tools and style of the period.

  6. Sale of original artefacts is forbidden.

  7. Jewellery made of gold and silver sold at the Viking Moot must bear the hallmarks required by law (signature stamp and fineness mark). In addition to items of silver and gold, it is also permitted to sell jewellery of bronze and tin. Jewellery must not contain nickel.

  8. Brochures, business cards and similar printed material must not be displayed in the trading and craft tents. Signs on the tents on the marketplace should be avoided as far as possible. Only very discrete signs advertising primarily what is on sale can be permitted. The event leader can grant this permission. Price tags should, as far as possible, be placed on the reverse of the goods (not visible).

  9. Flags, banners and shields with pictograhs are allowed
  10. The Viking Moot steering group may impose sanctions such as dismissal or suspension.