The Viking Moot at Moesgaard is run by volunteers who understand and respect each other. Most of the participant work for free, and the Vikings are paid nothing but the opportunity to have a unique week in the Viking age without a program and spectators. We know how much hard work, long hours of transportation and other expenses it takes to be part of the moot. That why we do our best to make it worth it.

What is ”Tiende”?
Over the years, it came to our attention that the traders – as the only ones – actually make money on the moot. This led to a discussion about charging a market fee from each trader, but that could cause an unwanted problem: A lot of traders and craftsmen make high quality and expensive products, that they sell very few of. On the other hand, they often demonstrate their skills and share their knowledge and great talent. If we were to charge everybody the same amount – like 500 DKK – it would be more than some traders and craftsmen would make in a week.

So what we did was to introduce a concept from the Middle Ages called “Tiende”. It means that you pay 10 percent of your turnover at the end of the week. This way we make sure that the craftsmen who primarily comes to the moot to demonstrate skills avoid an expensive fee, and the more commercial traders pay according to their turnover.
The system of Tiende is based on trust. It may be naïve, but we believe that we all participate in the moot to be part of something bigger. In the Viking community, we praise ourselves on the fact that crime and violence (except from that which is organized) is almost non-existing, so we are a group of people who trust and help each other.

What does your money go to?

When you pay your Tiende, you give more than money. It is a moral and ethical choice you make. Trust and respect make for a better result than control and suspicion. Your money provides cheaper breakfast rolls, beer, toilet paper, soap and all the other things that make life a little easier.

Thank you for your contribution