Viking Moot

Monday to Friday there is no dress code, but we recommend that you wear your Viking clothes as much as possible. Think about what kind of Moot you would like and dress according to it.

Your camp
Everyone is here to have a great week as Vikings. Many of you have spent hours creating cool authentic gear. It is an inspiration to all and makes for a great looking camp.

The camp by the beach is visited by guests throughout the week - not just on the weekend. So think about what kind of impression you want the guests to bring home with them. A great looking camp will appear stunning on photos, might win a price and create a good atmosphere. So please keep it nice and clean and try to be discrete when you hang your modern clothes and handkerchiefs to dry.

Thermos, plastic cups, iPad and self-inflating bedrolls are nice things that makes life a little easier, but they do not ooze Viking age. Try to limit the amount of modern things and be discreet with the things you cannot live without.

Please leave the place as you found it! We are camping in a protected area
Be a nice Viking and choose your battles wisely. Lend a helping hand when needed andbe polite. If there is a conflict you cannot resolve, take it to your representative or the moot organizer. Take care of the nature, don´t throw trash, cigarette butts and bear cans on the ground. Don´t put nails in the trees or break off branches.

Remember we live close together in tents that are not soundproof. While nothing beats a nice campfire sing-along, 4 o’clock in the morning might not be the right time. Try a quiet lullaby instead.

During the weekend
The market opens for guest on Saturday at 10AM. This means that at 9:30 AM all non-viking stuff must be gone, your shop must be ready to open and look presentable.  Smoking, taking selfies etc must take place in private.

Use of swimwear during the weekend: We are right next to a beautiful beach and it can be tempting to take a dive and cool down. But remember that during the weekend from 10AM to 5PM we are Vikings! And Vikings do not wear bikinis or speedoes! So use your imagination and slap on a loincloth. Swimming in the nude is allowed in Denmark. 

Moesgaard Museum provides free firewood for the participants in the Viking Moot. Pre-ordering is not necessary. However, we ask that you do not hoard wood for your camp on Monday!
Firewood is supplied continuously.

Remember that it is your responsibility to clean up after yourself. Ensure there is no waste, ruined property, or anything else scattered across the site. Use the containers and sort your garbage! Special waste containers for glass and metal will be provided.

Festival toilets, urinals, and accessible toilets will be put up on site. Please show respect and help keep everything as clean as possible.

Food and drink
The breakfast sale next to the Inn is open from Tuesday btwn 7:30-10:30 AM, we have bread rolls, milk, butter, different sorts of Danish, eggs etc. – incl. free coffee! The Inn is open between 10:30 AM and 5:30 PM and again from 8 PM until late/early morning.

There will be an extra sinks for dishes and pots. Please respect this and avoid doing the dishes where others wash their hands. Leftover food and kitchen garbage must be put in the garbage bins, not the sinks.

Dogs must be on a leash all the time! Loose dogs are not allowed in the public forest, but there is a special area – a so-called “dog-forest” nearby, where you are allowed to let you dog run free. Map

There is a shower wagon on the beach next to the public toilets. You can find it here. Map