Friday, Panel 2, 302 BORUM ESHØJ 11:00 - 13:00


Micro-Folie: a digital museum to create human links

Lucie Burton, José de Jong

Micro-Folie Molenbeek/Xlart, Brussels, Belgium

Keywords: digital, museum, everyone, playful, worldwide

Micro-Folie is a digital and interactive disposal, which brings together thousands of artworks from all over the world. This digital museum places human contact at the heart of its project. This tool has been conceived to meet publics with disabilities or deprived of cultural offer. Hundreds of Micro-Folies have been implanted worldwide in rural or difficult areas. Some mobile versions of Micro-Folie also exist now: they can be moved anywhere! The device has been designed with many playful possibilities, and the cultural mediators who use it with audiences can develop a very wide range of interactive approaches. A large screen permits sharing artworks and associated content while several tablets can be used by the participants. Digital is a tool to discover, a way to initiate, and not a purpose or a goal in itself. This hybrid disposal - in which technology is at the service of human contact - is a strength. During the workshop, we would like to invite the participants to discover the tool and live different activities. After which we can discuss the opportunities brought to us by the digitalization of art works and its access in museums. We will also share our experiences with varied types of audiences (children, adults, seniors, disabled, impeached newcomers and low-income earners). We will share games and ideas to bring people together through the art pieces of the Micro-Folie and bring up the question of learning through playing at any age.  

Presentation Lucie Burton and José de Jong