Natural History Museum Aarhus

Meet Lea Pedersen, Educator for Children & Youth

The Natural History Museum Arhus is a 101-year-old institution in the middle of the city. With a long history of collection and research, the museum aims to share the big, exciting, and surprising stories of the world. Many people remember visiting as children, only to bring their own children later in life; the museum has deep roots in the Aarhus-consciousness. As such, the museum not only aims to look back at the histry of natural science, but also to look forward, through the perspective of future researchers and scientists, to ask questions and explore paths relevant to their daily lives. 

The tour will take you through our most recent exhibition about DRAGONS - and we will explore this subject works in a Natural History and Science context - especially within the theme of enjoyment. We will also look at the exhibitions, The Global Backyard, and the Africa-Exhibition, to experience how the collection of animals and exploration of the world around us, affect the story we tell at the museum. 

Naturhistorisk Museum Aarhus - Natural History Museum Aarhus