Thursday, Panel 2, 302 BORUM ESHØJ 14:30 - 16:45


Open up with Vincent

Sarah Broekhoven, Ann Blokland

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Keywords: Mental wellbeing, Open up, Mindfulness, Interaction/exchange, Creative tools

With this program our museum aims to contribute to an open dialogue on mental health, based on Vincent’s life story and art. With him as a starting point, we also aim to foster enjoyment, offer creative tools, and embrace diversity. ‘Open up with Vincent’ features a range of activities at the museum, on location at healthcare institutions and online, such as mindfulness sessions, painting workshops and online lessons for schools. All the activities have been developed in collaboration with young adults, associations and professionals specialized in mental health.  In our workshop, we will share our research and process for the program. We will also demonstrate our latest activities and talk about what we learned from the young contributors to our program. During our workshop the participants will be able to experience a mindfulness session, a drawing exercise and an interactive lesson.

Presentation Sarah Broekhoven and Ann Blokland