Moesgaard Highlights - Power in Prehistory

Book a guided tour of Moesgaard's permanent exhibitions and get highlights about power in prehistoric times.

On this trip through all of Moesgaard's prehistoric exhibitions, you travel back in time to locate the hearth of power in Denmark with the museum's talented guides. Hear about Queen Margrethe I’s consolidation of power in her great kingdom. How she obtains her power and how Denmark is united in the Viking Age. Hear about the great sacrificial finds from Illerup Ådal, the Grauballeman's sacrifice as a demonstration of power and the Iron Age's many wars, and learn more about how the Bronze Age burial mounds are an expression of power. And not least, where does all that power come from? What really set in motion this whole gigantic intrigue of power that can be traced all the way up to our contemporary lives?


Book a guided tour of Moesgaard Highlight – Power in Preshistory.
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