In addition to the menu card, we always have a great selection of cold dishes in our refrigerated display case




Cold dishes

MOMU’s Caprese 115
Salad of tasty tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, new onions, and salt-roasted sunflower seeds, with basil oil and a reduction of aged balsamic vinegar and Danish honey. (Vegetarian and gluten free)
Hot-smoked mackerel 115
Mackerel, smoked hot, with tomato chutney, lemon mayonnaise, tomatoes, trout roe, cucumber and herbs. (Gluten free)  
Steak tartare 125
A classic Moesgaard favourite. Raw chopped steak from Himmerland steer, seasoned and stirred, with tarragon, pickled mustard seed, smoked mayonnaise, crunchy topping and herbs. (Gluten Free)  
Gourmet cheese plate 115
Four types of cheese from Arla’s Unika range. Served with jam, berry preserves and compote. (Gluten Free)  

Hot dishes

Mushroom tartlet 145
Crisp puff-pastry shell with a creamy fried-mushroom filling, seasoned with thyme and garlic. Served with pickled onions and herbs. (Vegan and gluten free)
Glazed pork shank 155
Cut of pork shank glazed in a marinade of coarsely ground mustard, honey and rosemary. Served with lightly mashed potatoes and herbs. (Gluten free)
Herb salad. Optional side order (with hot dishes only) 45
Crispy salad of assorted lettuce and herb leaves, marinated in a vinaigrette with blossoms gathered outdoors, and with blueberries, cucumber, tomato, pickled camomile blossoms and roasted hazelnuts. (Vegan and gluten free)

Light meals

Bread roll 65
Roll with ham salad or chicken salad.
Bread roll 35
With cheese and jam

Children’s dishes (for kids aged 12 and under)

Chicken skewers 65
With bread (extra: lightly mashed potatoes, additional DKK 25).
Slider 65
Slider, a junior-sized bun with Danish pan-fried meatball and red-cabbage coleslaw.

Snacks sweet and savoury

Mead nuts 65
Mixed nuts roasted in mead-honey and salt. Served with olives, dip and bread.
Tapioca chips 55
Chips made from tapioca, extracted from root vegetables like manioc and yam, deep-fried into light, crispy chips. Served with herb dip.
Cake  from 25
The pastry chef's cakes and sweet treats.


For food allergies, you are very welcome to contact the café staff upon arrival at the museum. It is possible to adapt several of the dishes. We attempt to always offer the possibility of gluten- and lactose-free bread and cake.

Opening hours of the café:

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10 am - 5 pm (The kitchen is open 10 am - 4 pm).
Wednesday 10 am - 9 pm (The kitchen is open 10 am - 4 pm & 5:30 pm - 7 pm).
Lørdag og søndag 10 am - 7 pm (The kitchen is open 10 am - 4 pm)