The first immigrants

They were people like you and I. Constantly searching for new hunting grounds while defying the limits of human survival in nature. At the end of the Ice Age, they looked to the North and began to roam.

Come close to the first people of the Stone Age in Moesgaard Museum’s new Stone Age exhibition.

You will meet the Koelbjerg-woman who lived on the island of Funen approximately 10,000 years ago. She is lying on the grass laughing up at us. The reindeer hunter is shushing us because we are chasing the animals away. The two of them are part of a multimedia production with landscape models, pop-up figures, movies and narratives that invite you on an exciting and intense journey through 6,000 years of dramatic environmental changes with the people living in untamed nature.

You will also meet a 16-year-old girl with her baby. Archeologists from Moesgaard Museum excavated their joint grave by a Stone Age settlement in The Little Belt. Now, this young woman and her baby are situated in the exhibition, gazing out onto the ocean where a couple of fishermen are emptying their fish traps, spearing eels and hunting porpoises.  Visitors are invited on an adventure to go fishing and hunting on the ocean with the girl’s family. A storm is coming, and thunder and lightning fill the exhibition room while the blood from the porpoise hunt covers the surface of the ocean.

The Stone Age exhibition is part of Moesgaard Museum’s permanent archeological exhibition. It will give visitors an accurate picture of a time in Danish history that is far from the primitive age that many visitors associate with the Stone Age.