Røde orm

a magnificent Viking saga on the roof of Moesgaard Museum

In a unique collaboration with the Royal Danish Theatre and Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus 2017 will present “Røde Orm” – a spectacular outdoor performance of a captivating tale of a hero from the Viking Age. The show is one of four MEGA events in the Capital of Culture year and will be performed on and around the amazing, grass-covered roof of Moesgaard Museum. 

“Røde Orm” is an adaptation of Frans G. Bengtsson’s classic novel of the same name. Audiences will follow Orm, the protagonist, who as a child is taken prisoner and kept as a slave on a Viking ship. However, with his hot temper, he is gradually accepted as a full member of the crew. Now begins an exciting adventure that leads Orm on Viking raids throughout Europe and the Middle East, before taking him to the castle of Harald Bluetooth in Jelling. Before his journey takes him to Jelling, in between raids and adventures, Orm finds time to fall in love, make enemies and form lifelong friendships.

An audience of up to 100,000 now finally has the opportunity to experience a journey that changed history.

”When it comes to theatre and performance, it doesn't get any bolder, bigger and better than “Røde Orm”, which will be one of the major highlights in 2017. “Røde Orm” will be one of the biggest outdoor performances staged in Denmark ever, and our many shows during the summer of 2017 will ensure that as many families and visitors as possible will be able to experience this amazing, MEGA event in the magnificent setting on the roof of Moesgaard Museum,” says Aarhus 2017 Programme Director, Juliana Engberg.

Proud partners at the Royal Danish Theatre

The Royal Danish Theatre is producing “Røde Orm”, and this is the first time they are involved in an outdoor performance of this magnitude outside of Copenhagen.

“I am extremely happy that the Royal Danish Theatre is part of this major presentation together with Moesgaard Museum and Aarhus 2017. The Royal Danish Theatre is for all of Denmark, and we are very proud to be part of this spectacular Viking extravaganza in Jutland. “Røde Orm” is a great narrative for a wild, entertaining and funny show for the whole family,” says Artistic Director at the Royal Danish Theatre, Morten Kirkskov. 

Human life through history

The landscape around Moesgaard Museum will provide an inviting and beautiful setting for "Røde Orm", and the show itself is staged on the grass covered roof of Moesgaard Museum. The Viking Legend of “Røde Orm” is awakened just above the museum's impressive exhibitions and historical tales of human life through history in Denmark and in Aarhus during the Viking Age – back then, Aarhus was called Aros.

"This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the museum's unique roof and natural surroundings to create a spectacular open-air performance, and we are looking very much forward to working with Aarhus 2017 and the Royal Danish Theatre. In the museum's exhibitions, we put great emphasis on the importance of giving visitors a sense of the lived life behind the exhibits on display. A show such as "Røde Orm" will help to create further insight and make history come alive," says Director of Moesgaard Museum, Jan Skamby Madsen.

While the show is running, Moesgaard Museum offers a variety of activities, where the audience can delve into the fascinating history of the Viking Age.

For both children and adults

The Viking Age with its raids, battles, Gods and myths is a fascinating part of Danish history. "Røde Orm" is a unique opportunity for the whole family to learn more about the Vikings. The show is recommended from 7 years.