The Viking Moot is cancelled

The current corona crisis means that it is not possible to plan the Viking Moot, which should have been held in July at Moesgaard Beach. Therefore, Moesgaard Museum has cancelled this year's Moot and looking forward to a comeback in 2021


Since 1977, Moesgaard Museum has organised a Viking Moot in the scenic surroundings at Moesgaard Beach. The Viking Moot attracts 12,000 guests each year to an impressive event where a large number of participants and volunteers from all over the world create experiences for children and adults. Most popular is the major battles between the Viking groups, horseback rides, forge work, trading stalls and musical entertainment.

But the Viking Moot is now also affected by the current Corona crisis/ Covid19, since it is not possible to continue the planning of the Moot. The preparation of the three-day Moot at Moesgaard Beach requires a large involvement from volunteers, participating Vikings, riders and traders, who have already started preparing for this summer's event. But the meeting also requires a great deal of effort from the staff at Moesgaard Museum, which is in charge of the area, security, materials, finances and the overall management of the project.

Moesgaard Museum is currently hit financially by the corona crisis. The museum is closed to the public and the museum has had to send home most of the museum's employees to receive a government's aid package to secure the museum's jobs in the future. That's why Moesgaard Museum have to stop preparations for the popular Viking meeting.

  “We are very sorry that we will not be able to organise the Viking Moot this year, and we know that many guests, participants and volunteers, whom we usually collaborate with on the Viking Moot, will miss the meeting. It has not been an easy decision, but it must be seen in light of the difficult conditions that we currently face as a museum and as a society. We know that Viking Moot at Moesgaard Beach is a recurring activity for many guests and participants during their summer holidays and has been for many years. We are sorry to have to change that. But we hope that everyone will support a worthy comeback for Moesgaard Viking Moot in 2021,” says project manager Niels Baj Rye of Moesgaard Museum.

Moesgaard Viking Moot was scheduled to happen on July 24-26, 2020. Information about the meeting in 2021 can be found on the Viking Moot’s website and on Facebook when planning starts.