See the warrior Viking found in Aarhus

Long-awaited find of a buried skeleton from the Viking Age is exhibited at Moesgaard

In December 2018, archaeologists from Moesgaard Museum made a long-awaited find of a buried Viking warrior on a building site at the former main library in Mølleparken in Aarhus. The remains consist of a skeleton. However, the skeleton has no skull.

Archaeologists from Moesgaard Museum excavated an area on a building site at the former main library in Mølleparken in Aarhus and encountered a warrior grave from the Viking Age.

It was a long-awaited find, because there has not been a single actual Viking Age grave in Aarhus. Only sporadic grave findings have been made but there has been no burial ground.

The grave is completely isolated from previously findings, and it is believed that it could be a executed person who has been buried outside the cemetery wall.

On Tuesday, December 18, the grave was excavated in order to release the area to the builder, as there are large space issues on the busy site. And suddenly a warrior grave appeared for the great enthusiasm of the archaeologists.

"There is no doubt that this is a warrior from the Viking Age buried with shield and ax," says archaeologist from Moesgaard Museum, Mogens Høegsberg. “He is the first true burial ground we have from the Viking Age Aarhus.”

The remains of the Viking warrior is exhibited at Moesgaard Museum April 9 – April 30, 2019.