Have a safe visit to Moesgaard

Everything you need to know about Covid-19 safety precautions when you visit Moesgaard Museum

Buy a ticket online before visiting the museum

In order to give you a safe experience at the museum, we offer a limited number of tickets per day distributed over the museum's opening hours.

Therefore, if you wish to visit Moesgaard Museum, please remember that you must buy / book your ticket online in advance and choose the date and time of your arrival. Note that the selected arrival time only indicates the interval during which you must begin your visit.

For club members and others with special access cards, the ticket is free and only needs to be booked.

COVID-19 documentation requirements

In order to visit Moesgaard Museum, all visitors over the age of 15 must present documentation of either vaccine, immunity or a negative test no older than 72 hours. This is a requirement from the authorities. You must also present ID.

Hand sanitizer, social distance, and safety

During the visit, you will be able to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer in all the exhibitions.

There is extra cleaning staff who clean all the contact surfaces at the museum several times a day.

All our exhibitions have undergone a thorough assessment in relation to the risk of infection. Some of the installations have been shut off, when assessed that there is an increased risk of infection.

There are signs in all exhibitions reminding guests that they must remember to keep a social distance.

Number of visitors at Moesgaard

Currently, the number of visitors at the museum is limited to half of what is allowed by the authorities in order to give our guests a safe and good experience at the museum.

Using multiple scanners, sensors, video surveillance and manual counting in the building, we always know the exact number of people inside the museum and in specific exhibition rooms, so that we can make sure that we adhere to our own and the authorities' guidelines.

Visits to the café require a ticket

The café is open and for indoor as wel as outdoor seating.

If you wish to visit the café, you must hold an entrance ticket and present valid Covid-19 documentation + ID (see above).

Visits to the shop and the roof do not require a ticket

If you wish to visit the museum shop or enjoy the fantastic view from the roof of the museum, you are free to do so without buying a ticket. However, there is a limited number of customers allowed in the shop at the same time.