FAQ - for members of Klub Moesgaard

If you have questions about your visit to Moesgaard Museum or your membership, you may find your answer here.

The coronavirus/Covid19 has caused a number of necessary changes to normal procedures at the museum, and we try to respond to all inquiries as soon as we can.

Before you write or call us, you may find an answer to your question below.

Why do I need to book ticket when I am a member with a membership card?

In order for us to follow the authorities' guidelines on assemblies, we need to regulate the number of visitors at the museum. We can only do this if everyone buys or books a ticket to the museum prior to their visit.

A limited number of tickets are offered each day, which with different times of arrival during the day. This approach ensures a limit to the number of visitors in the building at the same time, which again ensure a distance between visitors and thus a better and safe experience at the museum.

Should I bring my membership card?

Yes, you need to bring your membership card as well as book an entry ticket to a specific date and time of arrival. You also need your membership card to get your discount in the café and shop. The ticket can either be printed or scanned directly from your mobile phone.

Will there be a lot of queuing, and when will it be best to visit the museum?

From May 26, all Moesgaard Museum tickets will be sold online. There will be a restriction on the number of visitors to the museum. Thus, the tickets are sold in time slots to make sure everyone does not arrive at the same time. This means that the museum will not be crowded at any time and the risk of queuing will be minimal.

Will my membership be extended for the period which the museum was closed?

Yes, all Klub Moesgaard memberships are automatically extended by the number of days the museum has been closed during the corona crisis/Covid19. The extension will be made on the day the museum opens. However, several thousand members of Klub Moesgaard have refrained from extending their membership to support the museum, and these memberships are therefore not extended.

Why haven't I received membership renewal information?

The renewal information has been sent to the email address we have registered for your membership. If you have not received an email about this, please contact us so that we can correct your membership information. Write an e-mail to klub@moesgaardmuseum.dk with your e-mail address and your card number (under the bar code on the year card) and / or full name.

I bought a membership online, what should I do before my first visit?

As a new member, prior to your first visit, you must book a ticket for you as a member + your companion if you bring one. When you arrive at the museum, you announce at the entrance that you are a new member. You will then be referred to our ticket sales to have your membership card activated and your tickets scanned.

Why is the roof only open to paying visitors during opening hours?

In order to ensure that paying visitors to the museum have a safe experience, during the opening hours we have closed off the upper 2/3 of the roof area in order to have a larger area for the paying visitors. This increases the distance between everyone at the museum as well as the safety of guests and staff. The roof is open to everyone for free - before and after the museum's opening hours.