If you have questions about your visit to Moesgaard Museum, you may find your answer here.

The coronavirus/Covid19 has caused a number of disruptions to normal procedures at the museum, and we try the best we can to answer all inquiries quickly.


Are you a member of Klub Moesgaard? Visit our FAQ page for annual ticket holders / members of Klub Moesgaard.

Why do I have to buy a ticket in advance?

Tickets must be purchased in advance so that we can make sure that there are a limited number of visitors at the museum at the same time. Thus, ensuring that everyone can easily keep a safe distance from each other.

Why is the cafe and shop not open to everyone?

The museum's café and shop is only open to paying visitors with a valid ticket, because we have to know the number of visitors at the museum in order to meet the authorities' requirements for assemblies.

I bought an entry ticket before the corona, how do I change it to the new type of ticket?

Unfortunately we cannot change your previously purchased entry ticket prior to your visit, but we will refund the ticket when you visit us. So buy a new ticket and have the ticket refunded on your next visit.

Will there be guided tours of the Pompeii exhibition?

Yes, there will be guided tours of the Pompeii exhibition. Stay informed on our website, Facebook page or sign up for our newsletter where we announce when there are guided tours for sale.

How do I get a ticket for my disability attendant?

You must book a free ticket for your attendant and present your attendant card when you arrive at the museum. Book a free attendant ticket here