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How do I get to Moesgaard Museum by bus, car, or bicycle?

How to get to Moesgaard Museum if you are ...

driving your car

taking a local city bus or a regional bus

driving a disability vehicle

driving a bus or truck

riding your bicycle

driving an electric vehicle that needs charging

Information for car drivers

Moesgaard Museum is located south of Aarhus, by a suburban area called Højbjerg. Take Oddervej out of the city, then turn left onto Moesgård Allé about 1 km south of the Aarhus city limit sign. Please be aware that buses and trucks may not use Moesgård Allé. Instead, buses and trucks driving to and from the museum must use Ny Moesgårdvej, which is accessed via the intersection Oddervej/Emiliedalsvej. NOTE: Ny Moesgårdvej has road obstacles that allow only wide-bed vehicles (buses and trucks) to pass – so ordinary cars and other standard vehicles cannot use this road.

Google Maps directions by car

Map of the area


Moesgaard Museum
Moesgård Allé 15
8270 Højbjerg

Local city bus, line 18 Lystrup Øst – Moesgaard Museum

The number 18 city bus is a yellow bus. On its way to Moesgaard Museum it departs from the city of Aarhus (a central stop is located at Park Allé/Banegårdspladsen, near the train station) three times every hour on weekdays during the daytime, and twice every hour on weekday evenings. The same intervals apply for departures from Moesgaard Museum bound for Aarhus city centre. The trip takes about 25 minutes, and the ticket must cover two bus zones. Moesgaard Museum is the southern terminal for line 18, where the bus parks at the old smithy at the lower end of avenue sloping up towards the museum building.
Find the bus schedule (look for line 18)

Regional bus, line 100 Hornslet – Aarhus – Odder

The regional bus line 100 is a blue bus that stops a short walk from Aarhus train station.  On its way towards Odder, the bus stops about 1 km from Moesgaard Museum. Get off at the bus stop on Oddervej, cross the highway, then walk along the lovely wooded avenue of Moesgård Allé until you reach the museum. NOTE: The avenue accommodates mixed traffic in both directions, so please stay alert.
Find the bus schedule (look for line 100)

Private tour bus operators and trucks

Please note that buses and trucks may not turn left on Oddervej at Moesgård Allé when driving to the museum. Instead, buses and trucks arriving to, and departing from, Moesgaard Museum must use the road Ny Moesgårdvej, which is accessed via the intersection of Oddervej/Emiliedalsvej. Road obstacles have been installed on Ny Moesgårdvej, and these allow wide-bed traffic to pass while preventing ordinary cars from using this road. Special parking for tour buses is located on the upper parking level at the top of the museum hill – as indicated on the signs.


If you take your bicycle to Moesgaard Museum and are arriving from Aarhus, you can choose to take the bicycle path that runs up the hill along Oddervej, then a bit downhill until you cross the highway, turning left onto Moesgård Allé.

If you would prefer to cycle through the Marselisborg forests and enjoy the ocean views along the way, we recommend that you take the bicycle path that runs along Ørneredevej and continues into Strandskovvej. Turn right at Skovmøllevej – a meandering road that will lead you all the way up to the museum.

The bicycle ride from Dokk1, at the waterfront in the city centre, to Moesgaard Museum is about 9 km and takes an experienced cyclist about 35 minutes.

There are bicycle parking stands near the entrance to the main museum building.


Moesgaard Museum provides free parking. There are several parking levels along the museum hill near the main building and other additional parking nearby. Tour buses will find a dedicated bus parking area in the upper level on the museum hill – as the signs indicate. There is no time limit for guests parking at Moesgaard Museum.

Parking for disability vehicles

Convenient parking spaces for guests with disabilities are located directly across from the main entrance. This parking area, and the disability parking spaces, are marked with signs. For guests who use wheel chairs or need special assistance, there is a drop-off point at the museum’s main entrance: Use the gravel driveway at the top of the museum hill, which is accessed by turning right (onto the road that runs to the back of the museum), then right again. Immediately after drop-off, disability vehicles must be parked as usual.

Charging of electric vehicles

The museum has eight charging stations, Type 2/22kW. These are located not far from the museum, in the parking level at the bottom of the hill (the level nearest the bus stop). 

To charge at these stations, you will need to download and use the Spirii Go, app. When logged on to this app as a user, you can pay either through the Danish “MobilePay” system or with a credit card.

Simply go to the app’s “map” function, then find Moesgaard Museum, choose your preferred charging station, and begin charging.

TYPE 2 / 22kW

Type 2 stik.

Buy your ticket in advance

You can save time by buying your ticket online, before you arrive. This means you will not have to wait in line at the ticket desk: With your online ticket in hand, or on your mobile, you can go straight to the ticket scanner and proceed directly to the exhibitions.

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