What can I experience?

Visit one of Denmark's most popular attractions


Discover mankind

At Moesgaard Museum, you come close to the people of the past and the present through set designed and dramatized stories.

The exhibits are based on the latest research and technology and aim at giving you an insight into prehistory and anthropology in an entertaining and surprising way.


Stenalderudstillingen på Moesgaard Museum.

Exhibitions for the whole family

- When reality surpasses imagination

With our exhibitions, we create the setting for interaction and experiences for all generations. Visit the Stone Age hunting room and put on virtual reality glasses, touch a real rune stone from the Viking Age, or participate in a battle from the Iron Age where you are in the middle of the battlefield.

Prepare to be amazed. We look forward to telling you the story of Man.


Visit the Gokstad boat

One of the boats from the most famous and best-preserved Norwegian Viking ship graves is outside Norway for the first time and is now on display at Moesgaard Museum. Visit the permanent Viking Age exhibition to see the Gokstad boat.


Prices, opening hours and parking

You no longer have to purchase your ticket online in advance, but if you do you will be able to skip the queue and go straight to the exhibitions.

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At Moesgaard Museum, all children and young people under the age of 18 have free admission. All parking spaces are also free


Close to forest, beach and creeks

- relax in a beautiful golden age landscape

The museum's scenic location is perfect for walks in the forest or by the sea, but you can also use the area for recreational activities such is hiking, angling, mountain biking or kayaking.

Also, visit the forest mill, the stave church, the manor house or the exciting prehistory trail.

Terassen på Moesgaard Museum er en seværdighed i sig selv og indbyder til familiehygge.

Architecture and gastronomy

- Enjoy the architecture while having a great meal

Although the building appears to be part of the area's hilly terrain, the museum building rises beautifully over the historic landscape. With the archaeological excavation as inspiration for the building's particular architecture, the building showcases underground exhibitions on several levels.

Try delicious hot or cold dishes in the museum's café or on the museum patio, where you can enjoy Nordic inspired delicacies. You can also find a unique souvenir for the family in the museum shop.

Moesgaard Museums indgangsparti.